Getting accepted

Middle school can be rough. High school can be worse.

Not knowing where to go in-between - let's not go there. But it's that time when they decide where, exactly, they want to go for the next four years. Sure, it's not college (let's REALLY not talk about that one) but it's still a big deal.

Being a music school, Live! has always been host to students who want to take music as more than just a hobby or something to do on weekends. The arts, it cannot be stressed enough, is key to academic education. So why wouldn't kids want to apply to art schools? After all, it's proven that creative stimulation in a child will enable them to perform critically better in the language arts and mathematical portions of their education. With Miami Arts Charter, DASH, and New World all right around the corner, the Miami arts and performance student body is massive as ever.

But these schools need to know a student will dedicate themselves to their program. Auditions are necessary. Yes, auditions, that terribly nauseating word that signifies greasy-haired critics, attentive eye gazing, slow beard-strokes, and presumptuous expectations that can make any musician wish they had been a football player instead. (Don't do that.)

Live!'s students, however, have built an amazing reputation when it comes to auditioning: they pass. As a preparatory school, we cover all grounds for students looking to put their foot in the door in a career of music - from the studio to the stage, our students have been able to go on to study an array of music-oriented fields. Audition preparation is key in getting accepted into these programs, and Live! has a curriculum built just for that. In the few years of the school's history alone, Live! students have gotten into high schools such as MAC, the Michael M. Krop STAR program, New World School of the Arts, as well as collegiate programs such as the FSU School of Music, the University of Miami, and Berklee College of Music in Boston.

– Written by Mark Meneses & Rebecca Bulnes

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