Five reasons to join Live!


Creating a sense of belonging in a safe & inclusive space.

Students forge meaningful relationships at Live!. Our team consists of caring individuals who are capable and willing to guide the students every step of the way.



Shaping a genuine sense of self-worth.

Students participate in countless performance opportunities that build healthy individuals who are not afraid of making mistakes.

Performances include our in-house Open Mics, various community events, and our end-of-term shows at fantastic local venues.

Students regularly participate in recording sessions and video auditions with bandmates and professional musicians.



Developing a unique artistic identity.

Our bands explore diverse and contemporary repertoire, allowing students to build a strong foundation exploring genres of their interest, including rock, pop, jazz, and soul/R&B, while also expanding their musical horizons to things they haven’t heard before.



Facilitating student-led initiatives.

Students are encouraged to self-direct their own projects with fellow students, with the intent of having a social impact and exercising teamwork. Internship and volunteering roles at the school are open to all.



Fostering relationships and opportunities that extend beyond Live!

Over the past twelve years, we've created a community with local and international organizations, giving our students access to workshops and scholarships to further their artistic development.

Being a part of Berklee City Music allows us to award full scholarship opportunities to Berklee's renowned 5-week summer program. Selected students have the chance to build essential connections with classmates and professionals from all over the world.

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