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6 Ways to Keep Stage Fright Away

Talking to a group of people isn’t easy.

But performing music in front of a crowd? That’s a whole other monster. We all know the feeling: the tongue gets tied, the palms start to sweat, and your gut starts to feel like it’s trying to crawl out of your body. But not everyone has to feel these stage fright symptoms if you know how to prepare for it:

Written by Mark Meneses

1. Keep calm.

Nerves always get the best of us before we take the stage. If you keep your focus on what you have to do, instead of who you’re doing it for, you might notice that it’s easier to take the stage when the performance arrives. Remember: you’re playing music for yourself, there just happens to be an audience around.

Focus on comforting imagery. A lot of stage anxiety comes from picturing the people in the audience. Instead, try thinking about serene imagery and comforting object. If you’re not thinking about what the crowd looks like, you won’t be intimidated by their presence.

2. Drink tea.

It’s proven that certain teas calm the nerves and help your body unwind. Don’t drink coffee! The caffeine in coffee can cause more nerves, and potentially make you more nervous. Get a cup of your favorite chamomile or green tea before a performance and let the drink work its magic. This is doubly important if you’re a singer!


3. Be healthy.

Good habits make for good performances. If you work out, maybe go for a run the morning of a show. Meditation and napping can also bring your happiness up and push away those bad feelings. And make sure you eat nutritious food so your stomach doesn’t protest later.

4. Practice beforehand.

This is the best way to calm stage fright. If you’re not prepared, then chances are you’re going to be worried about performing in front of a group. Take the time out days in advance to make sure you practice your parts to your fullest potential, and you’ll be solid when it’s showtime!

5. Mistakes are okay.

Remember, that it’s only human to mess up. A lot can be said for the experience you get from making mistakes, and it only gets better with every performance. Besides, most people don’t hear the mistakes you make on stage — they’re just happy to be watching a live performance!

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