The Live! Experience

It’s no secret that we’re fans of music...

... and passionate about sharing it with the world. We're constantly trying to find the sweet spot between music and education, dedicated to crafting an experience that is both intuitive and intellectual.

The Live Experience encourages students to cultivate a sense of curiosity about the world, shaping them into more than just musicians – they evolve into bright, hardworking, and conscious individuals with something to give back to the world.

Helping students of all ages and abilities develop their inner artist is what we live for, and we’re making it happen in a nurturing and supportive environment that is home to the fastest-growing community of musicians in Miami.

LIVE! 01 > AGES 9-11

We feel students learn music best when their curiosity is given room to grow, that’s why exploration, intuition, and performing are integral to the Live 1 experience. Students get their first taste of music theory, sight-reading and rhythms through games and activities that stimulate, while still being easy to digest. Stage presence and choreography are also introduced during this stage to encourage young musicians to be comfortable in their own skin and truly experience the mind-body connection to the music they’re making. While these fundamental concepts can sometimes be intimidating to beginners, the entire program is presented in a fun and exciting way that keeps students engaged and eager to learn.

From the very beginning, students are introduced to the ensemble environment, performing with their peers in a band setting. Classmates become bandmates, and together they receive firsthand experience of the dynamics involved in bringing different sounds together. With guidance from their director, bands select the songs they love most and build a repertoire that they’ll perform both in-house and at some of the trendiest music spots in the city.

After months of interactive learning, jamming, and performing, LIVE! 01 students round out their musical experience with a recording session at our in-house studio. Each band receives a digital copy of their session to share with family and friends, and are forever immortalized at our Wall of Fame – a collection of student fingerprints + autographs proudly on display for everyone to admire.

LIVE! 02 > AGES 12-15

The LIVE 02 curriculum focuses on the technicalities of each student’s chosen instrument, as well as improvisation, composition, and the exploration of world music. Building upon the foundations taught in LIVE 01, students continue to explore their connection to sound through body movement, interpretation, and performance. Additionally, LIVE 02 students are constantly exercising their musical flexibility through immersive workshops and activities that will challenge them to think outside the box and wiggle out of their comfort zones, such as:

Vocal Training

Along with their instrument of choice, students in the LIVE 02 program learn to develop the musical tool that they’ve always carried with them: their voice. Vocal training not only helps deepen musical comprehension but also instills a sense of confidence that is important to nurture during this stage of musical development.

Our vocal training workshops are held throughout the semester and help prepare students for shows and recitals. Vocalists are given additional tips and exercises to help with performance and stage presence, and bandmates are mentored to help provide backing vocals during performances.

Music Forums

This is a space where everyone is encouraged to share the music they’re currently listening to or are feeling inspired by. Held after class time, music forums give both students and instructors the chance to exchange playlists and introduce each other to new sounds, genres, and artists.

LIVE 03 > AGES 16-18

At this stage of the game, LIVE 03 students are ready to take their music education to the next level, seeking music as a professional pursuit. While students continue their work on improvisation and performance, they dive deep into songwriting, creating original compositions, music production, and recording. As the focus shifts towards preparation for college and possible careers within the music industry, LIVE 03 students are given access to clinics and specialized workshops on subjects like self-promotion and music business, and are armed with a variety of tools to help make the transition into professional musicianship:

College Prep & Internship Opportunities

Most music programs at the college and university level require applicants to go through an audition process, and we’re there every step of the way to make sure the process is as seamless as possible. Through mock interviews and auditions, we help students prepare beforehand so they’ll feel focused and at ease once their big day rolls around.

LIVE 03 students also have the opportunity to get their feet wet with some real-world work experience by interning here at Live, helping coordinate events, putting together live shows, and mentoring beginner musicians. As part of the MDCPS Community Engagement Internship Program, our in-house internships can be used towards community service hours or high school internship credit.

In any creative field, there are always a select few who stand out from the crowd – the ones who prove that passion, determination, and hard work are equally as important as talent.

Digital Student Portfolio

Each student gets their own personal URL hosted on Live’s website (Ex: with examples of their work, both in audio and visual form, serving as the perfect complement to any college or university application. Here’s a breakdown of what a LIVE 03 student can expect to showcase on their digital portfolio:

- Professionally crafted bio, including photos and video interview

- Audio + video recordings of both solo and band performances

- List of achievements + extracurricular activities

- Personal recommendations from instructors and mentors

- Links to any external content that highlights the student’s musical experience

Berklee College of Music Scholarship Opportunities

As proud members of the Berklee City Music Network, we’re beyond thrilled to be able to offer these young powerhouses the chance to participate in Berklee’s renowned 5-week summer program. Each semester, we’ll be selecting a group of LIVE 03 students to receive full scholarships to Berklee’s summer program in Boston, attended by musicians from more than 70 different countries.  Selected students will have the chance of a lifetime, learning from and playing with some of the best in the industry, and will also receive special consideration for full-tuition scholarships to Berklee’s 4-year program.

The pathway into music is just as rewarding as it is challenging…

And throughout the journey, students learn the value of teamwork, how to exercise their creative expression, and find the comfort and freedom to be who they really are. Whether a student wants to pursue music as a career or simply maintain it as a lifelong hobby, musicianship instills a sense of discipline, work ethic, and personal responsibility that will serve as a lifelong source of enrichment.


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