The Live! Experience

It’s no secret that we’re fans of music...

... and passionate about sharing it with the world. We're constantly trying to find the sweet spot between music and education, dedicated to crafting an experience that is both intuitive and intellectual.

The Live Experience encourages students to cultivate a sense of curiosity about the world, shaping them into more than just musicians – they evolve into bright, hardworking, and conscious individuals with something to give back to the world.

Helping students of all ages and abilities develop their inner artist is what we live for, and we’re making it happen in a nurturing and supportive environment that is home to the fastest-growing community of musicians in Miami.

LIVE! 01 > AGES 9-11

We feel students learn music best when their curiosity is given room to grow, that’s why exploration, intuition, and performing are integral to the Live 1 experience. Students get their first taste of music theory,...

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What makes a great teacher?

  1. Great teachers respect their student's individuality rather than imposing their preferences.
  2. Great teachers learn from their students.
  3. Great teachers respond peacefully and humbly.
  4. Great teachers build on their student's ideas.
  5. Great teachers provide tangible tools to help their students evolve.
  6. Great teachers inspire and ground their students.
  7. Great teachers take time and interest to learn about their students.
  8. Great teachers are generous with their knowledge.
  9. Great teachers listen as well as they speak.
  10. Great teachers change lives.

Our team is most certainly comprised of great teachers, meet them at Live!

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Five reasons to join Live!


Creating a sense of belonging in a safe & inclusive space.

Students forge meaningful relationships at Live!. Our team consists of caring individuals who are capable and willing to guide the students every step of the way.



Shaping a genuine sense of self-worth.

Students participate in countless performance opportunities that build healthy individuals who are not afraid of making mistakes.

Performances include our in-house Open Mics, various community events, and our end-of-term shows at fantastic local venues.

Students regularly participate in recording sessions and video auditions with bandmates and professional musicians.



Developing a unique artistic identity.

Our bands explore diverse and contemporary repertoire, allowing students to build a strong foundation exploring genres of their interest, including rock, pop, jazz, and soul/R&B, while also expanding their musical horizons to things they haven’t heard...

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