Music and brain power

There is little doubt that kids today have busy day-to-day schedules. Between piles of homework and demanding academic projects, there seems to be little time for anything else. Due to the strains of academic commitments, many parents shy away from signing their children up for after-school music education programs. However, new research has supported what has long been believed in the music community: musical training can actually improve your children’s study habits.


Several parents wait for their children to get older before enrolling them in music lessons; but as shown in a 2009 study published in "The Journal of Neuroscience", children as young as 15 months will benefit from music education. At this young age, experiencing music in an interactive way can actually lead to structural changes in the areas of the brain. The children enrolled in these types of programs show advancements in their listening skills and motor development. By processing...

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How playing an instrument benefits your brain

"While listening to music engages the brain in some pretty interesting activities, playing music is the brain's equivalent of a full-body workout. The neuroscientists saw multiple areas of the brain light up, simultaneously processing different information in intricate, interrelated, and astonishingly fast sequences." – by Anita Collins via TED-Ed

Watch Anita Collin's concise, fun & informative video on the incredible ways in which music manifests on our brain.

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